Divide the Nation on NNN

Anchor Rich Hader describes how he spreads division in America so that he can profit off of making the country worse.


Cooking with Nana Z

Nana Z shows us how to make meatballs and talks about how she shares love with people through food. Food is one of the great things that unites us instead of dividing us.

Old School Bobby

Bobby does a screen test to audition for Zilosophy TV with Uncle Z and Friends in hopes that trying new things can help him evolve and be a better person

Zilosophy TV with Uncle Z and Friends (Pilot)

A modern twist on teaching basic morality and civility to kids and adults through a TV show.

Zilosophy on Depression

This video is about Zilosophy on Depression

Zilosophy on Anxiety

Z talks about anxiety being so prevalent in our society and what we can do to own and reduce the impact of our personal anxieties

Zilosophy on Patience

Z talks about the difficult practice of patience in a world that is built to constantly test our patience.

Zilosophy on Perfection

Z pontificates about the dangers of trying to pretend we are perfect and moving our attention to just trying to do our best

Zilosophy on Inclusivity

This video is about Zilosophy on Inclusivity

Zilosophy on Kindness

This video is about Zilosophy on Kindness